Saturday, April 13, 2013

Combat oily hair

The origin of oily hair is scalp and sebaceous glands, that produce more sebum than necessary and make the hair look greasy and brighter than normal.

Other factors that can influence your hair becomes greasy are:

•A diet rich in fats.
Hormonal •Desajustes.
•Herencia, since genes contribute to have an oily scalp.
Incorrect cleaning •habitos.
•A inappropriate shampoo

Special care to control greasy hair

Remove the hot water: is not suitable for the health of your hair and scalp, as it stimulates the production of sebum. It is best to use warm water when wash you it, or water cold, with the latter, you can reduce excess fat and strengthen the hair.

Apply natural treatments: hair masks containing ingredients such as honey, Chamomile, natural yoghurts, among others. The important thing is the consistency with which they are applied, it is recommended once a week to get lasting results.

Use of shampoos and conditioners: for this type of hair, we recommend using a mild shampoo, containing ingredients such as Sage, Chamomile and lavender.

The use of essential oils will significantly improve excess fat. The most recommended, in this case, are the Orange, geranium, eucalyptus and grapefruit.

The application of air conditioners, these are important for any type of hair, many people are wrong to say that do not apply conditioner, because it makes it more fatty, and the function of this is to close the pores that open by hot water or the use of shampoo and works as a lubricant repairing and helping when combing.

To apply it, get it from the half of your hair down, avoids doing so in the scalp.

Finally, please note, that you should not touch or much brushing your hair, this will probably speed up the emergence of excess fat.